Experience the Sweet Sound System on the 2015 Mustang

There is no doubt that the 2015 Mustang sounds sweet thanks to it’s throaty V8 rumble but that’s just the beginning. The sounds get even sweeter. The updated muscle car will now come with an improved until audio system. That will be complimented by the vehicles improved acoustics, as well. The Bill Fick Ford team in Huntsville (serving Conroe, Madisonville, Bryan) can’t wait to check this sound system out. It is said to be an audiophile’s dream! With improved structure and better aerodynamics, interior acoustics provide the perfect environment for high-quality music listening.

The 2015 Mustang will have 3 available audio options, allowing driver’s to select one that best suits their audio needs. The standard audio system features a six-speaker configuration. This set-up contains separate high-frequency tweeters mounted in the A-pillars. The Ford team has even angled the tweeters appropriately to produce optimal sound for both driver and passenger.

Those wishing for a little more “umph” in their sound can upgrade to the 9-speaker system with 8-inch console touchscreen. Finally, those who demand top-notch listening experiences can opt for a a 12-speaker configuration featuring ShakerPro with trunk-mounted subwoofer.

Now, both of these upgraded systems (the 9-speaker and 12-speaker configs)  have a front center speaker that has been mounted on top of the instrument panel. Both also feature higher quality speakers and an 8+1 channel amplifier. However, the 12-speaker system earns its keepby introducing 12 polymer cone speakers,rear coaxial tweeters in the rear, plus a hefty-yet-compact subwoofer in the trunk. Talk about serious sound!

You’ll soon be able to take this all-new Ford Mustang for a test drive at Bill Fick Ford in Huntsville. You can shop our inventory online anytime at www.BillFickFord.com!

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